Only Chaos Is Real

Single Disc Version:

1. Only Chaos Is Real (4:51)
2. Les Racines Du Mal (5:02)
3. Le Plan (8:42)
4. Holly Dolly (7:55)
5. Brighter Than A Thousand Suns (6:05)
6. Next Level (7:06)
7. Mutant Monkey (5:42)
8. Ubik (7:07)
9. Last Level (7:20)

Bonus Disc: Raw Power In Paris 1998

10. Brighter Than A Thousand Suns (6:43)
11. Only Chaos Is Real (5:12)
12. Les Racines Du Mal (4:47)

All titles composed by Richard Pinhas & Maurice G. Dantec
or Richard Pinhas & Norman Spinrad except
Le Plan by Richard Pinhas
Brighter Than A Thousand Suns by Norman Spinrad, David Korn & Richard Pinhas
Next Level and Last Level by Maurice G. Dantec, David Korn & Richard Pinhas
Recorded at Paris, Ramsès II - PEV Studios between 1997 and 2257
Produced by Richard Pinhas
Recording Engineer: Laurent Peyron
Mix Engineers: Mazarin, Mitch Ollivier, Laurent Peyron
Assistant: les deux Guillauime
Cover Art by Fury Vaty


Alain Bellaïche: Slide Guitar (Track 8)
Maurice G. Dantec: Lyrics, Analog Synthesizers
David Korn: Vocals
Philippe Laurent: Electroloop (Track 1)
Oliver Manchion: Bass
Duncan Nilsson: Slide Guitar (Track 4)
Richard Pinhas: Guitars, Metatronic Process, Electronics
Antoine Paganotti: Drums
Bernard Paganotti: Bass Guitar (Tracks 3 and 8)
Alain Ranval: Slide Guitar (Track 4)
Norman Spinrad: Lyrucs, Additional Vocals
Benoît Widemann: Organ, Synths, Minimoog Bass


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℗ & © 2001 25pm