20 February 2017

Out in March Richard's new album with the duo KAPITAL - Flux!

Below is the first single off a collaborative album from Kapital - duo of Rafal Iwański (X-Navi:Et) and Jakub Ziolek (Stara Rzeka) - and Richard Pinhas. Entitled "Flux", the record is the outcome of musicians' meeting at Unsound Festival in Kraków (Poland). "My first encounter with Richard Pinhas in a live setting took place in 2009 when he played CoCArt Music Festival in Toruń," recalls Rafal Iwański. "It was a great experience but more akin to psychedelic and rhythmic ambient music. It wasn't until 2013 when we met again, this time with Jakub Ziolek, during If You Say So... Festival in Bydgoszcz and this resulted in the creation of Kapital project. Richard mentioned then that he would love to come back and play some more concerts in Poland," he adds. "Out ties with Rafal and Richard started to intertwine at this moment, in a very strange and unpredictable way," says Ziolek. "I think that his encounters with our music could be limited to Kapital's first album and our gigs at MPM Ambient Festival and later Alameda 5 performance at Unsound in Kraków," says Iwański.

Ziolek and Iwański recall that before their recording sessions in Kraków they only had a couple of musical ideas but most found their way onto the album. "When working together with Jakub as Kapital or in bigger bands like Innercity Ensemble, we tend to rely on improvising. This was also the case here: Richard played on the basis on our sounds and we adjusted our sound visions to create a more concise entity. Unfortunately, later on we discovered that some of our instrumental tracks had to be re-recorded but we managed to salvage guitar parts which in turn were later edited," explains Iwański.

"Flux" consists of five compositions and one bonus track. All of them were mixed by Iwański and Ziolek, mastered by Marcin Bociński. Cover graphic comes courtesy of Ewa Bińczyk.

Heldon Reissues

13 January 2017

Out on March 16th, our friends at Bureau B will be reissuing (on both CD and LP) the first two Heldon albums!

Heldon's first album, Electronique Guerilla, was originally released in 1972 on RP's own Disjuncta label. The album, according to legend, was the first album self-released in all of France! "Or at least the first one that worked," says Pinhas. "It was like a musical and political event in France. Musical because there were few artists using synthesizers here, or even in the world. And political because we tried to say that the big companies make everything bad and their records are too expensive." For more information on the album, click here to read the press release about the re-release.

Allez-Teia aka Heldon II came out three years after Electronique Guerilla, and a lot had changed for RP since 1972. In fact, seeing King Crimson in 1973/1974 had a drastic impact on all future RP releases, but not in the way you would think. As noted in the press release, the biggest impact was, for Richard...the music played during intermission. "When I saw Robert Fripp and Brian Eno perform in Paris later, I realized that the intermission musicsic was their work. I didn't know that when I first heard it, but I was very impressed by it. It was the most important influence on Heldon." For more information on the album, click here to read the press release about the re-release.


Rhizosphere Reissue

30 December 2017

Coming soon will be RP Original First Period releases on the Bureau B label (starting with RHIZOSPHERE). For more information, please head on over to the Bureau B website.

Heldon 1976-1979 Box Set

30 December 2017

Released on December 15th, the team over at Souffle Continu are re-releasing three of Heldon's 70's albums together in a very limited box set (only 300 are being produced). This is very close to selling out, so if you want a copy, Forced Exposure is going to be your best bet!


Kawabata-Pinhas-Tatsuya due out January 18th

30 December 2017

On January 18th, our friends at Bam Balam Records are relesing a new album with Richard, Makoto Kawabata, and Yoshida Tatsuya! Released on both CD and LP, the album contains music that is, according to the label, "...relentlessly broken down: percussive guitars turned bewitching metronome while other guitars are taken on a sometimes lyrical but always chaotic journey will keep the listener on edge."

To pre-order your copy, the team at Forced Exposure have you covered.