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2014@Djinn Prod

A new interview by Richard just came out on Shindig! Magazine. Click here page one of the article and click here to read the second page.

Mojo magazine just gave Desolation Row a four star review! Click here to see what they had to say about it.

According to Sound Color Vibration, Desolation Row is one of the 50 best albums of 2013! Click here to read what they had to say about the album!

The gang over at Nova Planet just broadcasted an hour special with Richard. Click here to go to their website and listen!

Here's a short audio snippet of RP live on October 29th:

For the first time since its' original pressing, the sixth Heldon album - Interface - is available for purchase on vinyl. For more information about this release and how you can own a copy of it, click here.

Want some new RP music? You're in luck! Here's the current schedule for new Richard Pinhas music and when you might see him live:

Richard Pinhas and Yoshida Tatsuya
Welcome In the Void
Cuneiform Records
May 2014

Richard Pinhas and Oren Ambarchi
Cuneiform Records
May 2014

latest release

vents solaires
released november 2013
versatile records, france